All paintings are for viewing only.  All paintings have been gifted to Margaret's 4 children and grand-children.
If you are interested in a painting, you can inquire and I will direct you to the person that currently owns the painting.

The prices shown are the prices when Galleries used to represent Mrs. Margaret Ludwig, aka Margaret Florence Ludwig or Margaret F. Ludwig.  The wife of the late Dr. Bernard Lionel Ludwig. 

Margaret has never used a computer and all her original paintings are not painted from a photo.

Margaret has the love of her four children, Caren, Florence, Sam and John and her many grand-children and great grand-children.

Written by the daughter-in-law Mrs. Marsha Ludwig who has always tried to promote her beautiful original artwork.

Margaret wishes she could get prints of her paintings in hotels across the world.  They bring life to dull space!  I just love them.  January 24th 2024